Iron Device, we make sound the way you want.


Provide Unified Audio Solution for Smart Devices

Our mission is
providing advanced audio solution and creating future sound technology.
Iron Device offers optimizing audio sound quality especially in mobile phones, smart speakers,
smart home devices, hearables, and more.
We hope
our small single chip makes huge difference in your products and your sound experience.
For this, we keep pushing ourselves to develop future new sound technologies.

IP/Product Coverage

  • Wide Power Range: Driving from low power earphones to powerful concert hall loud speakers
  • Analog/Digital/Power Mixed Signal: High Fidelity Data Conversion and Signal Processing
  • BCD Process: Using Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS Process/Circuit Technology
  • In-house IPs: High performance Audio IP Portfolio
  • Total Solution: With not only Rx (Playback) path, but also Tx (Record) path solution
Audio Amplifier
Iron Device’s mobile amplifiers are designed for mobile phone applications but also suitable for other hearable applications. Our products offer best-in-class idle power consumption while maintaining high output power efficiency. Iron Device, we provide total audio solutions with less power consumption in tiny size.
Audio Codec
Iron Device's audio codec ICs are designed for mobile applications such as smartphones, tablets, headphones, and other hearable and portable devices. The codec ICs offer a broad range of applications and they are perfectly suited for mobile phone, smart speakers, smart accessories, including active noise cancelation (ANC) devices.
Audio A/D, D/A Converter
Iron Device offers best audio analog-to-digital converters and digital-to-analog converters for mobile applications such as smartphones, tablets, headphones, and other hearable and portable devices. Iron Device’s A/D, D/A converters are designed cost effectively and simple for user to interface. From low power earphones to powerful loud speakers, Iron Device also offers a wide range of audio A/D, D/A converters for various applications.
Boost Converter
Iron Device is specialized in sound technology but also has deep experience in powers. The common challenges during design and application are power efficiency and stability in application. Especially in small scale applications such as portable devices, our deep experience can provide innovative solution for boost converters from many sources.
Motor Driver
Iron Device provides Motor driver for various applications from mobile and home devices to industrial applications. Motor driver is basically a inductive load driver. Loud speaker is one of a non-linear motor.
Gate Driver
Iron Device's Gate Driver is a power amplifier that accepts a low-power input from a controller IC and produces a high-current drive input for the gate of a high-power transistor.
Gate Driver Types

Gate Driver IP type can be classified as a level-shifter type (upto 40V drive with upto 650V level shifter), and a galvarnic isolated type (upto 40V with over 2kV isolation).

Gate Driver IP/Products

Iron Device gate driver IP includes protection IPs (inclduing OVP, OCP, OCL, OTP, etc.), 650V SOI gate driver, 40V gate driver for BLDC motors, High speed and high temperature gate driver for 1200V/1700V SiC, Galvanic Isolated (over 2kV) gate driver for GaN, etc.


  • 01 SIZE

    Iron Device Corporation develops innovative technology to provide top quality audio sound and make devices smaller and smarter with higher energy efficiency. Small-and-strong as iron are the Iron Device's products in your applications. Our tiny size chip helps you design more creatively and make flexible applications that meet the needs of your customers.

    Iron Device Corporation, we own our in-house high performance Audio IP Portfolio.
    Digital amplifier with digital processing can make strong sound with low distortion.
    You can experience future sound over applications with our high performance audio solutions.

    Iron Device Corporation is specialized in a mixed-signal semiconductor, focused on providing leading-edge 'digital / analog / power'-mixed singal silicon device solution. It makes you reduce the design space efficiently with less power consumption.
  • 04 SCM

    Iron Device Corporation is managing the fabless semiconductor supply chain based on the long-term stable mass production supply history.


Technical Roadmap and Vision
Providing Key Components and Solutions for Smart Audio Products

Audio Amplifier Solution – Tech/Product/IP Roadmap Sample (Please, contact us for detailed info.)    LEARN MORE

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