Iron Device Corp.
We make sound the way you want.

about us

We try to offer very suitable solutions to enrich user’s experience in sound.

  • Iron Device Corporation is

    specialized in a mixed-signal semiconductor, focused on providing leading-edge
    digital/analog/power-mixed single silicon device solutions.
  • Iron Device offers

    the state-of-art mixed signal semiconductors and optimizes voice and audio quality in mobile phones,
    smart speakers, headphones, hearables, other smart devices and more.
  • Iron Device’s technology

    has enabled high-end audio technologies to be implemented into a single silicon device, comprising digital audio modulators,
    DSP, precision linear amplifiers, low-noise mic analog, low-power audio adc, and high current switching power drivers.
  • Iron Device develops

    innovative technology to provide top quality audio sound and make devices smaller, smarter
    with higher energy efficiency.


By technology, Iron Device Corp is to create better human life.

Iron Device Corporation's System-On-a-Chip technology is aiming at providing high performance sound
with less power consumption. Digital functions are consuming less power, precision analog functions are designed
with less current, and power stages are for higher efficiency by our integrating technologies.

We believe a full digital single chip audio amplifier may save hundreds of watts of the old
audio amplifier in your living room, and keep playing longer time with your hand-held devices.

Company info

Iron Device Corporation was founded in 2008 on the basis of technology innovation and social contribution. Our key team members have more than 20-year industry experience in Samsung S-LSI and Fairchild Semiconductor - experts in analog/digital design, audio engineering, mobile application and manufacturing. And we are the people who have passion for developing the best semiconductors. With deep experience & passion, Iron Device has focused on providing high performance and creative audio solution. And we’ve been dedicating to provide strong high-performance single silicon devices to make our digital life more productive and simple.

  • Company Info
    • Iron Device Corporation (HQ)
      - Established in May 2008
      - Co-worked with B&O ICEpower
      - in Silicon Mitus Group now
    • Iron Device Europe ApS
      - Design center in Denmark
  • Key Product and IPs
    • Mixed-Signal System LSI
    • Audio Amplifiers / Codecs
    • AFE and A/D, D/A Converters
    • One Chip dc-dc Converters
    • Digital Audio Signal Processing
    • Single Chip Power Stages
    • Tuning/ALSA Driver Softwares
  • Core Strengths
    • Analog-digital-power mixed
      single chip integration
    • Hardware/Software in a house
    • Smaller, powerful, but cost-effective solutions
    • Deep experienced engineers
    • World class key customers


  • 2023

    Investment attraction - Series B
  • 2022

    Started independent global supply chain management
  • 2021

    Shipped over 250Mpcs with SMA series products to global mobile companies Investment attraction - WE ventures, Mirae Asset ventures, and KClavis investment
  • 2020

    Launched mobile piezo speaker amplifiers with HiFi DACs
  • 2019

    Shipped over 100Mpcs/yr. with SMA series products to global mobile companies
  • 2018

    Started mass production of SMA series products
  • 2017

    Establshed Denmark design center
  • 2016

    Investment attraction - Silicon Mitus Inc.
  • 2015

    Registered Enterprise Specializing in parts & materials
  • 2014

    Selected as a Star Fabless Company by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
  • 2013

    R&D service business registration
  • 2012

    Established a research institute
  • 2010

    Joined Korea International Trade Association
  • 2009

    Joined Smart-SoC national projects
  • 2008

    Established company
    and contracts with major foundry such as
    TSMC, MagnaChip, UMC, DBHitek, etc.
    Development contract with B&O ICEpower a/s


Iron Device Corporation

TEL : +82-02-541-2896 FAX : +82-505-541-2896 Email : 14F, J-Tower, 139 Dosan-daero,
Gangnam-gu, Seoul,
Korea 06036

Iron Device Europe ApS
(Denmark Design Center)

TEL : +45-3693-4646 Email : Stamholmen 193F, DK-2650
Hvidovre Denmark
Company Iron Device Corporation
Establishment Established in May 2008


ADDRESS : 14F, J-Tower, 139 Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea 06036
TEL : +82- 02-541-2896 | FAX : +82-505-541-2896 | E-Mail :
Company Iron Device Europe ApS (Denmark Design Center)
Establishment Established in 2017

Denmark Design Center

ADDRESS: Stamholmen 193F, DK-2650 Hvidovre Denmark
TEL : +45-3693-4646 | E-Mail :